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    Hello, you are the gm, that server, friend,

  2. Hey everyone!

    Welcome  !
  3. Pvp tournament

    Bonjour, Merci pour votre signalement je vais cependant déplacer le sujet dans la section appropriée. Le joueur sera prévenu à sa prochaine visite, nous allons prendre des mesures pour détecter le TP HACK comme nous le faisons actuellement pour le speed/fly hack qui auto kick. Bon jeu.
  4. DC all the time...

    Hello, We recently added an anti-cheat system, can you give me your character's name ? I'll try to unstuck you.
  5. Candidature [MJ Regza]

    Refusé. Jamais présent.
  6. Items & Bug Class & everything

    Hello, this trinket is working on my rogue, can you explain what's wrong with it ? I'll need more details. Thanks.
  7. Zone de guru

    Je pense que le mieux ce serait d'autoriser les groupes, on ne peut pas facilement gérer toutes les alliances, autant donner aux heals une utilité et promouvoir un PvP équitable  
  8. Zone de guru

    La zone FFA à Tanaris ne suffit pas pour PvP ?
  9. Dubmayo - Tips Time!

  10. queing 1s as healer

    Healers will be not able to Q 1v1 in the next update.
  11. Rogue talent bugged

    Je confirme.
  12. Ring of Frost bug (English)

    Hey, Well usually when people report a bug they also put proofs which is not your case "i would link you ....but i can't" "Trust my words" ...  Alright, maybe you are better to flame against french people than report bugs. Anyway i googled it then i got proofs that RoF can be nulled during a simple CC. Proof :  https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/3014 Thanks for your report, I hope next time you'll respect the template and bring proofs. I'm sure you can understand that only words are not enough.   PS  : Your mute should have ended now.
  13. Chemises avec les auras

    4 new shirts will be added soon : Shirt of ShadowFlame :  Shirt of ShadowOrb : Shirt of ArcanePresence : Shirt of Transparence :
  14. Rogue bugs (English)

  15. Trinket bugs (English)

    Heart of Unliving is working but should proc on priest more (with bubble, renovation etc ..) Tsunami & Wrath of Unchaining are not working. Vial of Shadown is doing on my rogue between 4700-5000 damage a bit nerfed but still. Bonelink Fetish is doing real damage :  Don't forget trinkets are also concerned with resilience ^^.