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  1. 5.4.8 Realmlist

    The 5.4.8 Realmlist should get a little bit more attention in my opinion. Instead of making 2 individual malls (Alliance = Stormwind) & (Horde = Orgrimmar) you could get a Neutral zone and make a Dual Faction Custom Mall, to make keep server with less npc's spawned around all places. Making a Custom Duel zone like in 4.3.4 with cooldowns reset after duels, but without those non-sense scrolls of Berserk and Life-Regen, or make it unasable while in combat or duel (not sure if that's possible to do but it would be nice). The gear is pretty nice, starting with Tyrannical Main set and Grievous Off-set and acessories, makes the server more balanced for all starter players and also makes it more funnier, since players need to make BG's to farm honor and buy Grievous Main set and then arenas to farm Conquest points for Prideful Main set, off-set and acessories. It will make PvP have a point, instead of having all gear added up around and just stand at Duel zones or neutral / pvp zones doing nothing.. That's my opinion. Hope some GM take care about the 5.4.8, it ain't bad at the moment, just need some extra attention and it might start getting population.   Cumpz Scriptgodxqt  
  2. the 5.4.8 realm

    Do you mean like the 4.3.4 Realm? What's the fun of playing in a server 4.3.4 or 5.4.8 server where you got everything free. Like there's no point of doing PvP or PvE if you add every item of the game in some random npc's.. That's my opinion. Also only because you got "All gear in-game free" it makes a server good? I don't get your point.. What people will do with full gear? Just stand out at Duel zone dueling 24/7hours like in the 4.3.4 server? You can get a 2's arena Queue once every week if you're lucky to be online at that moment.. What's the point of that? Would rather have Ruthless gear and farm Cataclysmic gear by myself to turn PvP a lilttle bit funnier, and T12 gear and go Dragon Soul to farm t13.   Cumpz Scriptgodxqt
  3. (english) mage's critical strike dmg

    Do you even know what you're talking about buddy? Fire mages are one of the caster class that's doing more damage in-game in this realm at the moment, never heard of any "nerf" or "buff up" on that class yet. Combustion damage is just ridiculous and you can easly do 20-30k pyros crit, that's kind how Fire Mage damage should be in any other 4.3.4 server.  Also the person who told you that Arcane Mage is based on critical strike, they lied you pretty well, Arcane Mages should focus themself on Mastery for extra damage on mana percentage (you can read mastery from arcane mages if you wanna make sure about it) same with haste for quicker casts.